How To Buy A Hotel In Moscow

It’s hard to visit Moscow and miss the opportunity for investment.

As one Expat Flat client from Europe stated, shortly after arriving in Moscow:  “This is REAL and unbridled capitalism!”.

The stores are open until late in the evening, the restaurants are bustling until even later, and the streets are crowded with visitors from around the world.

Moscow hotels enjoy a high occupancy rate and can make for a strong opportunity for investors from around the world.

As we discussed in an earlier article on the Russia Real Estate Report (option #3), you can invest in individual suites in “apart-hotels”, if your budget is $100,000 or more.  The annual rate of return on an investment in an individual suite, managed by the hotel, can be 10-20%.

But what if you want to buy not just a suite, but the whole hotel?

The first thing to remember is, that both foreign individuals and companies can own real estate in Russia.

Let’s look at a Moscow hotel for sale that we are offering at Expat Flat as an example:

This hotel boasts 75 rooms and is between the Kitai-Gorod and Lubyanka stations.  It is very centrally located, as it is only a 20-minute walk from the hotel to Red Square.

  • 75 rooms
  • Each room is equipped with a kitchenette
  • There is parking for 10 cars
  • Interior is in a classic minimalist style with high ceilings
  • Breakfast is offered in a neighboring cafe

Current prices at this hotel range from 2,700 rubles per night for a single room, up to 6,000 rubles per night.  This price point is very competitive for a 3-star hotel in central Moscow.

The hotel is being offered for sale at the price of 450,000,000 rubles.  What makes this an intriguing investment offer is that you can either manage yourself after the purchase or outsource to local management and enjoy a passive income stream.  For details on local management options, please contact us at Expat Flat.

The answer to the question “How To Buy A Hotel In Moscow?” is quite simple.  Just contact us at Expat Flat.  We provide Western-style and transparent English-language service (at local rates!) and access to ALL available properties on the market.

At Expat Flat, we offer a wide variety of real estate investment opportunities both in Moscow and around Russia.   And who knows? You might end up buying a hotel in Moscow, and take advantage of the “real and unbridled capitalism” of this bustling mega-city.

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