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What if there was a Moscow Real Estate Service…

  • That would provide a transparent and hassle-free process?
  • Where they spoke English AND would listen to what exactly I am looking for in a home?
  • Where I would feel comfortable asking questions and would not rush me into a situation that I did not want?
  • That would provide access to all the information on all of the available properties on the market?

When we moved to Moscow, we found ourselves asking the same questions.

When we moved to Moscow, we quickly found that the process of renting a flat in Moscow was confusing, with real estate agents who seemed disorganized. These agents also often lacked basic listening and communication skills. This not only created an inefficient process, but also a sense of irritation that somehow the process had slipped out of our control.
The hunt for a home in Moscow often became an exercise in frustration with endless viewings of flats that didn’t fit the blend of budget, interior, or location that we were looking for. And we couldn’t shake the gnawing feeling that somehow someone else was deciding for us where we would live.

“Tenant Representation”

With that, we began to study the market, and we learned how to represent ourselves in the search for an apartment. Some friends saw that we were able to do this and asked for our help. They were blown away at how simple we made the process for them. We took the time to listen and understand what they were looking for. After listening, we filtered the available properties on the market to fit what would be the best situation for them.

At the time, we didn’t realize that we were getting into the service of “tenant representation”- a mundane sounding term that would prove revolutionary for the lives of our clients. That is because tenant representation puts you in charge of the search, not us, and not the landlords. It seems obvious and natural, because it is. But we now know that representing you is exactly what makes our real estate service in Moscow unique.

Today we are proud of our rapidly growing list of clients, which includes legal professionals, folks working in the oil industry, professional athletes, university professors, journalists, real estate executives (!) and many more from around Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Asia.

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Expat Flat: Created by Expats in Moscow for Expats in Moscow.

There is a genuine thrill that we get, when we have found the perfect fit for you and your family. Just like us, you have your reason for moving to Moscow. And we look forward to working with you to find your new “home away from home”. While working with us, you will only be shown apartments that fit the blend of budget, interior, and location that you have described. And we will not just provide you with detailed information during each step in the process. We will be careful to listen to the details of what will make you most comfortable. And then, we will work hard to deliver them for you. Finding a flat to rent in Moscow can be a smooth and even enjoyable experience for you. And we look forward to being a part of it!

Andy Frecka

Andy has been living in Russia for nearly eighteen years. He’s one of those guys who came to Russia and then just stayed.

Andy takes a quick break during the Lake Baikal Ice Marathon

Andy is from Ohio, USA, and not only gets a kick out of making fellow expats at home in Moscow, he loves living the expat life together with his wife and four children, and writing about some of the fun experiences of an American living in Russia in his blog “Planet Russia“.

Key Benefits

Personal not Corporate

A home that’s right for you, not one that’s easy for us. We tailor the search and negotiation process for you in a way that no search engine or app could replace.

Service not Vanilla

We tailor the residential location to your needs, using local knowledge. We listen to what blend of size, location and cost you want. We believe that you know best what will make you at home in Moscow.

Communication not Guesswork

We don't just speak your language; we understand where you are coming from. Whether renting or looking to buy, we will take the time to listen and understand what you need.

Accessibility not Centrality

We work out your routes to find the apartment situated in the perfect residential location that is accessible for both you and your family's work, study, and recreational needs.



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